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Facial recognition is a biometric technique designed to uniquely identify a person by comparing and analyzing patterns based on his "facial contours".

There are several facial recognition techniques, such as 'generalized' facial recognition and 'regional adaptive' facial recognition. Most facial recognition systems work based on the different nodal points of a human face. Values measured against the variable associated with points on a person's face help to uniquely identify or verify the person. With this technique, applications can use data captured by faces and can accurately and quickly identify affected individuals.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition

IntellyScan cloud services allow you to easily integrate our facial recognition technology into your access control solution by enabling
first the analysis of the video streams and then the collection of face data that are detected by storing them within the cloud platform. Facial recognition is carried out by the dedicated local server which compares the faces scanned in the videos with the registered faces, promptly identifying people in transit in front of any camera.
Access control

Access control

One of the main advantages of our solution is the level of control that centralized management provides. Thanks to the direct connection between the cameras and the server, it is possible to control and collect information simultaneously from several cameras using a single server.
For security purposes, this allows for the detection of people within specific areas of an organization or gives the possibility to manage access to them with the use of appropriate policies.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Thanks to the dedicated mobile application, using our facial recognition solution is very simple. Through the administration app it is possible to quickly register a user within the access control system and in less than a minute it will be possible to transfer biometric data to the local server via a video acquisition to immediately enable recognition and access. ; the app can also invite customers and suppliers to make remote access bookings!

Frequent questions

How do i enable facial recognition?

Facial recognition cloud services can be enabled on all intellyScan solutions equipped with servers by purchasing the dedicated plan.

with wireless relay switches

Thanks to the use of Wireless Relay switches we are able to manage automation by sending MQTT commands. The relays, powered at 12/24 Volt, are configured to open or close a clean contact that can operate automatic doors or turnstiles.
The feature that makes these products unique is the ease of installation and size, thus allowing installation without making changes to existing electrical systems.

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To counter the spread of COVID-19, we offer innovative solutions for access control using facial recognition, body temperature measurement and contact tracking technologies in full respect of privacy. IntellyScan® is a registered trademark.

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