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thermographic scan images

The intellyScan solution uses a thermographic camera developed exclusively to be used both in the field of temperature detection and for video surveillance and therefore functional for the shooting and acquisition of video streams. The product is therefore characterized by an excellent level of sharpness in order to offer the analysis system a clear and precise image suitable for facial recognition.

While traditional video cameras only reproduce the same colors as what is monitored, or alternatively offer black and white images, in thermal video cameras the colors and brightness are correlated to the different temperature levels that distinguish the various elements.

Acquisition of thermographic images

Acquisition of thermographic images

The thermographic camera is housed inside a black metal container, has a double optic and can be installed on the wall or mounted on a three-foot mobile support. For operation it is necessary to connect the supplied 12v power supply and the network in order to allow the software to communicate with the camera.

  • Backlight compensation
  • Management via application
  • Device parameterization
  • Real-time video monitoring
Precise temperature detection

Precise temperature detection

Thanks to the combined use with a blackbody device it is possible to improve the accuracy of detection of the body temperature of people going from +/- 0.3 ° C to 0.1 ° C. In fact it is possible to obtain a very precise detection which allows to have a highly professional system within a unique and innovative solution.

  • Use with Blackbody
  • Accuracy up to 0.1 ° C
  • Desktop and Mobile Application
  • Alarm threshold configuration
Operation in the absence of light

Operation in the absence of light

Our thermal camera is able to perform both video shooting and temperature detection in low light or no light conditions thanks to the IR kit mounted on the lens. In this way it is possible to use all the access control functions 24h / 24h, continuously monitoring any emergency situations.

  • It works in the dark
  • Monitoring active 24h / 24h
  • IR kit mounted on optics

Frequent questions

How does the temperature measurement work?
The thermographic camera detects the body temperature of people through a continuous analysis of the thermographic images processed by the video stream: once a subject has been detected, the camera's internal software is able to instantly acquire the body temperature by sending the image of the person with the temperature data to our software for automatic (server) or manual (client) management of the alarm.

IntellyScan Cloud services

IntellyScan cloud service enablement allows the use of unique functions such as facial recognition and data collection for access control. Data controllers will be able to see accesses in your organization and eligibility. Thanks to cloud services it is thus possible to complete the solution with the management of alarms that may occur in the event of specific detections or it is simply possible to keep track of people's movements within the video footage.

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To counter the spread of COVID-19, we offer innovative solutions for access control using facial recognition, body temperature measurement and contact tracking technologies in full respect of privacy. IntellyScan® is a registered trademark.

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