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manage rooms, meeting rooms and desks

The intellyScan solution also allows you to manage in a smart way the booking of accesses and the occupation of work spaces such as rooms and desks.
Thanks to the dedicated cloud service you can book, for example, access to premises, workstations, desks, classrooms and meeting rooms in a simple and intuitive way, thus responding to the organizational and personnel management logics of your company.
The intellyScan solution is a customizable software solution that offers the possibility of hardware integrations thus making it a complete IoT solution for occupancy monitoring.
IntellyAccess mobile application

IntellyAccess mobile application

Thanks to the dedicated mobile application it will be possible to:

  • Register access of customers&suppliers
  • Book the access to the company
  • Set the occupation of the desks
  • Book the use of meeting rooms
  • Check attendance in the company
Management of reservations

Management of reservations

All reservations are manageable within the mobile application and the user will be able to:
  • See the status of occupations
  • Make a reservation
  • Cancel a reservation
  • Invite people
Space management

Space management

The administrator manages the creation and organization of rooms and desks:

  • Creation of the company structure
  • Entry of occupancy limits
  • Time slots management
  • Viewing reservations
  • Management of reservations

Frequent questions

How does the reservation work?

Any company user, with the mobile application installed on their smartphone, will have the possibility to access the organizational structure of the company, see occupations and commitments and book themselves for the use of meeting rooms, rooms and desks.

Staff organization

With smart working, working methods change and people need new flexibility, autonomy in the choice of spaces, hours and working tools. The need to rethink the ways in which work is carried out implies the re-organization of company spaces and the renewal of the concept of workstation, office and meeting rooms.

Flexibility necessarily requires technological tools to support daily operations such as the need to book the workstation or have the most suitable meeting room available.

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To counter the spread of COVID-19, we offer innovative solutions for access control using facial recognition, body temperature measurement and contact tracking technologies in full respect of privacy. IntellyScan® is a registered trademark.

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