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organization of employees in work spaces

With smart working, working methods change and people need new flexibility, autonomy in the choice of spaces, hours and working tools. The need to rethink the ways in which work is carried out implies the re-organization of company spaces and the renewal of the concept of workstation, office and meeting rooms.

Flexibility necessarily requires technological tools to support daily operations such as the need to book the workstation or have the most suitable meeting room available.

Booking rooms and desks

Booking rooms and desks

Booking rooms, desks and finding colleagues in a simple and instant way is now possible with Room & Desk Booking systems: the correct design of spaces with the most sensible equipment of the necessary technologies, fulfills important budget allocation criteria , return on investment and scalability, so it becomes essential to rely on solutions capable of recognizing and managing the technological needs for new spaces and new ways of working.

Safe reopening of your office

Safe reopening of your office

We help people get back to the office safely with the help of technology and smart workplace planning.
In this way we can give you choice and control over where to work, when to enter the office and which spaces are safe and clean to work: flexibility means being able to choose the office over remote work by planning on which days to choose a desk or an area to work. to work so that colleagues know it too.

A new normal

A new normal

Until the end of the health emergency, most employees will continue to work from home due to the safety of commuting and the reduced availability of the office desk. The reservation will be the requirement to meet the new sanitation rules, without the possibility of free addressing. Flexible working practices will become the new global standard and employees will continue to reserve space reducing employee demand for office space.

Frequent questions

How much do booking services cost?

Cloud booking services are charged based on the number of users and are not tied to the number of desks or rooms registered within the organization.

for meeting rooms and desks

With our cloud-based workspace booking solution, you can create a smarter and more agile workspace. Using the mobile application, you allow staff to easily find a workspace that meets their needs by optimizing the use of space within your property.

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To counter the spread of COVID-19, we offer innovative solutions for access control using facial recognition, body temperature measurement and contact tracking technologies in full respect of privacy. IntellyScan® is a registered trademark.

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