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smartphone & beacon

The "indoor" localization solution that allows the transfer of data with smartphones, tablets and, in general, all devices equipped with bluetooth through the use of BLE beacons.

BLE device with removable battery

BLE device with removable battery

This device is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2) Smart Beacon designed to control and maintain a safe distance between people. An important feature is the immediate activation of alarms for social distancing, via vibration, buzzer and LED. Data exchange with the server takes place through the use of Gateway/Smartphone.

  • Plastic case diameter 39 mm
  • ON / OFF button
  • Gateway / Smartphone communication
  • Up to 30 days of autonomy
Rechargeable BLE bracelet

Rechargeable BLE bracelet

If the beacon detects another beacon in the vicinity, the alarms are activated together with the functions for tracing the contact. The "bracelet" version has a shorter autonomy than the model with removable battery and is vibration-free. The battery life is about 2 days and is rechargeable directly with a standard 5v USB power supply.

  • IP65 protection
  • Temperature sensor (optional)
  • Weight 45g
Mini Android Smartphone

Mini Android Smartphone

The use of a mini smartphone allows you to constantly update the contact data between device and server, ensuring accuracy and constancy of the measurements. Using the mobile application for Android devices it will be possible to have all the services of the intellyScan solution at hand in a device that can also be used as a corporate communication medium.
  • Android APP and customizations
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Internal memory

Frequent questions

How does contact tracking work?

Any beacon is configured to communicate bidirectionally with another beacon that is in its vicinity. Therefore two beacons that meet receive a signal containing the MAC Address of the other device, record the data in the local memory and wait for another device (gateway or smartphone) to read the contact data to exchange and record the information on the server in the Cloud via a wifi / mobile data connection.

IntellyScan Cloud services

IntellyScan cloud service enablement allows the use of unique features such as contact tracking. Data controllers will therefore be able to consult the tracking within your organization. Thanks to the cloud services it is thus possible to complete the solution by consulting the risk report drawn up on the basis of the contacts traced.

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To counter the spread of COVID-19, we offer innovative solutions for access control using facial recognition, body temperature measurement and contact tracking technologies in full respect of privacy. IntellyScan® is a registered trademark.

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